Our mission

We are team of creators who met through our love of design, science-fiction and speculating about how things could be.

The Voyager Collective was founded to establish a community and learning platform around the discipline of Design Fiction.

Our vision is to make this specialized practise accessible to everyone in order to spark conversations, raise questions, address issues and inspire long-term thinking among people of all disciplines and backgrounds. We value diversity, inclusion, transparency, and self-reflection and believe this is the only way to co-create a sustainable and equitable future for all.

Through Voyager Radio, events, and workshops, we explore a range of topics – from Genetic Engineering to Urbanism – in order to take you on a journey and view the world through the lens of what it could become.

Who we are

Bárbara Fonseca

Bárbara Fonseca is a Portuguese illustrator whose work is a joyful take on modern culture. In her constant search for adventure and knowledge, she left Lisbon, where she studied Communication Design, to follow her dream straight into Berlin, where she currently lives. Bárbara has done illustration work as a freelance professional since 2011, when she left Público, Portugal’s quality newspaper. Her clients include The Blood Arm, 1000 Monkeys, Breaking Rocks and JUP.


Caroline Kyungae Smith

Caroline Kyungae Smith is an Innovation Consultant living and working in Berlin. She has a cross-disciplinary background in research, strategy and communications. Currently, she consults companies on how to understand the possibilities ahead in order to make more informed decisions in the present. She loves using Design Fiction to help people see the big picture and translate the theoretical into the tangible. 


Janica Schäfer

Janica Schäfer is an art-director and an enthusiastic maker who relishes the opportunity to experiment and create no matter the medium. In early 2013 she moved to Berlin to focus on print design and visual identity leaving Lisbon and the world of advertising behind. Janica has also worked in the fields of web design, editorial design and strategy. In the latter she came across Design Fiction and since then, has been trying to combine her design oriented mind and her fondness for sci-fi with her political consciousness.


Photo credit: Koen Potgieter (follow on Instagram: @koenpotgieter)

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